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Offering personalized website and digital design so you can build, or enhance, your online presence. For all your promotions, online marketing, graphic design, content writing, and more!

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Maggie Sinclair

Maggie Sinclair

Web Designer / Writer

As the founder of Websites by Design, I take pride in my work designing websites and creating digital marketing that stands out from the crowd. I’ve been designing blogs and websites since was first created in 2003. Now, 16 years later, I’ve kept on top of all the trends in the digital industry and know the importance of an online presence for personal and business.

After attending many business and networking dinners and conventions, what I continue to hear from people is that they don’t know how, or don’t have the time, to start their website and online presence. Some have started a do-it-yourself website but then don’t know what to do next and give up when they realize how time-consuming it can be. 

The need for an affordable, easy to use, and modern website design with digital marketing sparked my interest. Creating is what I’m passionate about and helping others and connecting to people is the reason for my creativity.

Based on what makes you unique, my team and I will build a web design around your brand. Customized digital marketing, which consists of – images, professionally written content, SEO optimized, and eye-catching design elements will draw your customer’s to visit your site again and stay longer.

I am also an avid reader, journal writer, and occasionally write fiction. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English from USF Tampa in 2010 and have been writing professionally since 2011 while continuing to design personal and professional blogs and websites.

I am the author of two fiction novels: The Mystic and Crossroads.


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My Vision

I believe design is a process

I get to know your market

I design and build for you

Websites by Design Team

Chase Santangelo

Chase Santangelo


In 2013 Chase began work managing and maintaining gaming servers. A few years later he created his own server and then managed and maintained memberships. The money he received for memberships he invested back into the growth of his server. 

His outstanding design aesthetics lead him to be part of the yearbook team throughout high school

In 2019 Chase cofounded Website by Design. His creative thinking, strategy, and talents are assets to our team designs. 

Jerry Russell

Jerry Russell


With years of office experience, Jerry brings his organization skills and customer service ease to our team. He manages day to day tasks of our business and keeps us on track. He is a go-to guy with a positive attitude.


What are your goals and who are your customers? We will help you create a well defined digital marketing plan that will lead to a successful website that your customers will return to a recommend to friends.


The right design is everything. Are you in a niche market? Your site should reflect the tones and expressions of your unique brand. In a major market with lots of competition? Your site should stand out from the rest; with the right market research we will help you stay ahead of the pack.


Clever and unique designs are what make you stand out from the competition.


We offer unlimited revisions because we’re not done until you’re happy with our designs.

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